Hi everyone! In this tutorial I will teach you how can make this beautiful duo tone effect :

Original photo:

Step 1 ( After you open the image ) : You need press this icon (circled in red) :

I mean, this icon:

Step 2: You need select the black and white adjustment:

Black and white panel:

Additional step: You can play with this 2 slider from black and white adjustment ( for portrait photo, because this 2 colours they are predominantly skin-colored ):

It is not necessary to change those values, you can leave the default ones. (That depends from picture to picture)

Step 3: You need select the Solid color … :

Choose the desired color and after pres ok. For this example, I chose this color:

Step 4: Go to blend mode and chose the Darken mode :

Here you can find all the blends mode:

Disclaimer: This is just one methode to make this beautiful effect. Exist more methode to reproduce this beautiful effect in photoshop.

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